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Navigating the home sale and escrow process, is complex and wrought with potential pitfalls. Let’s talk about your unique situation and how I can help you build the best plan for success and guide you through it.  Your property investment is a big deal and I want to make sure you have “all” of the information.  To get started I would like to have a chat and then prepare a Property Analysis Report for you.

The Property Analysis Report (PAR), is composed of 3 main areas of professional expertise; appraiser level comparable analysis with pricing recommendation, comprehensive market analysis, Preparing For Market (PFM) work plan, and staging for sale plan.  This report will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about how to successfully sell your property.  My PAR is not a Free home valuation, Zillow “zestimate” or other such online or free broker CMA.  It includes Strategic Pricing, Property Health Evaluation, and a realistic plan for what needs to be accomplished and budgeting for that.  I charge a small fee for my time and expertise because this report is valuable.  If a valuation or CMA is free, I think you will get what you pay for. 

Strategic pricing (Pricing strategy advisor, PSA) Thinking like an appraiser is what my Pricing Strategy Advisor (PSA) designation has trained me to do.  I make sure your comparable market analysis (comparing recent sales in your market) are accurate, and not just what you want to hear.

Preparing For Market (PFM) work plan: includes a property health evaluation that outlines the presale home maintenance that needs to be done in order of priority.  I will inform you about contractors that work with sellers and some that get paid at escrow so you don’t have to pay the maintenance up front.

Home staging: I offer a full range of staging services.  The costs of these services vary but will be included in your PAR. Or you can have a staging report prepared if that is where you are in your selling process.

Marketing strategy: I have a 50 point marketing strategy to draw from for successfully taking your property to market and bring in offers, quickly.

For Sale By Owner (FSBO): You may have the business acumen and background to attempt a sale by owner.  But to be truly successful you will need some of the professional services that I have access to. You may be interested in securing services to assist you with pricing, marketing, staging, and other items.  I have a package of services I can offer to help with that, depending on the size of the property or desired services.  Let’s chat about your plans to sell and where I can be valuable for you.

iBuyers: I will explain who they are, what they do.  It is a viable option for any seller, and a real estate agent can work with you to negotiate with them.

Prop 19:  Homeowner tax savings everywhere in the state.  Thinking of selling but want to take your low property tax base with you? If you are 55+ you can!  If you are severely disabled or a victim of a wild fire you also qualify to move your tax base anywhere in California.

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