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Jeni Brill, Realtor

Professional Real Estate Agent with Years of Experience

My real estate services business tilts the old model on it’s head.  I offer you insights into all of your options for buying, selling or investing in real estate, not just the ones the old broker models make the most money on.  The real estate industry has not been keeping pace with technology and new business models that thrive with that technology.  Likewise, the technology only models can’t survive without the human expertise necessary for truly successful transactions.  There’s a balance that is missing from the industry, and I intend to bring it to my clients.  I work at one of the most progressive brokers in California that allows me the freedom to develop and share my model of service with you.  Let’s work smarter together.

Failing to be represented by an expert Realtor can prevent you from being successful in your goals. Even though there is a shortage of properties for the number of qualified buyers in LA, many properties are sitting on market for long periods of time because they have not been prepared for market and priced correctly. Buyer’s agents and lenders can’t be fooled into thinking that an overpriced property is a good investment. When a property is prepared and priced correctly you will see quick results in the form of multiple qualified buyer offers. Being a buyer in such a scenario requires a master negotiator to help prepare the most attractive offer, or risk missing out on properties, over and over again. All these problems are costly and stressful.

You absolutely deserve to have a Realtor who is specifically trained in Home Staging and Marketing, a certified Pricing Strategy Advisor, and a Master negotiator. This is the winning combination of skills that ensure you achieve your goals on time and without the headaches. I am that Realtor.

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